Why do some developers earn fortune, while others are struggling for alms?

Programmers in the labor market are indeed different from the many other, more traditional. It is one of the few where the employee is not looking for work, and the work – the worker, where the potential employee usually has a choice of several options and can thus improve their conditions. And even the employer, successfully developing its software products do not stop, “head hunters” (recruitment companies) Temptations to go to work in another company with perhaps better terms, higher salaries, and special privileges.

But it is – only part of the programmer’s realities. The other part is trying to survive on the average salary Lithuania without making money and complain that employers are greedy capitalists.

Head-hunting – everyday Employers competition for employees – more precisely, for the most valuable employees – a significant increase in head-hunters. “Within a week after a couple of times send suggestions. This is the LinkedIn social network removed the condition that interested in career opportunities. Through the acquaintance finds through Google. Proposals received by the Internet nesiafišuojantys people. And offer “head hunters” not only sends the mail – often enjoys and direct calls. The developer’s main tool – the programming language Ruby and the environment, “Ruby on Rails” – are relatively rare, so he automatically becomes “immune” to lure away a huge part of the test. “If you offer to work with other technologies, it certainly will not go. It is a large part of the proposals immediately fall away. Another is that of foreign offers. But I’m with my family, that I move is an unacceptable choice. The Lithuanian companies are relatively small. If you know that there’s not interesting to me – just do not go. And if some are interested – I know them, they know my situation. If life sugalvočiau to change anything, just be a phone call and ask, “When can I start?”

“During the week, I am tempted to change jobs at least once. Offers a wide variety – from working in Lithuanian Startup to career opportunities in such companies as Amazon, IBM, MasterCard or TripAdvisor. Of course, I get requests from neighbors and build e-mail account, or upload a photo to a social network. You can joke that the latter is able to press up the bar even stronger than most head hunters. And if hunting would never be a success, then the hunter would not. “Such cases where recruitment agents lured workers are rare. On the other hand, in today’s market completely avoid this is probably impossible. ” After reaching a certain limit of money-losing importance Paradoxically, grounded or promising developers for salaries for themselves and not rotate the head does not believe that it is – the most important factor in choosing a job. “When the salary reaches a certain level, the extra thousand or two is not given as much weight as other factors,” – said at least one year of professional programming experience accumulated. According to him, small businesses IT staff salaries ranging from about 1,000 to 3,000 euros. So what the lure of a good programmer? Ironically, not very much affected by the programmers have an interest in and comfortable rooms, free cakes or other pleasant and comfortable little things, which an employer may want to draw attention to themselves. Better for TASTY rolls in this profession smells humor of activities, challenges, growth opportunities and the ability to influence major decisions. “Always I appreciate what the company itself, the sector in which the firm operates. I’m still important how much I myself have come to work I can not influence this company, what will be my position, how important will be my voice. ” Even with a good salary receiving the programmer can lure anyone else – and do not even need to offer more money: “Above a certain level, it is difficult to say on what grounds a person goes to another employee. Of course, in most cases, and it proposes a higher salary, but I think that more “playing” other things – or just fed up with the old job, or a new employer offers interesting challenges. ” “My main criteria when choosing a work activity is interesting. Since the school participated in Informatics and University Programming Contest (the essence of competition – algorithmization, logical and mathematical tasks), so I would like that my lack neither the work of theoretical problems, as well as the realization of complex programs. In other words, if you work too few challenges, such a job can become routine and will want to work, which will be able to test yourself.”


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